Rebooting my biology blog

Feb 2, 2022 20:32 · 158 words · 1 minute read biology personal


This will just be a brief blog post to say hello again. Hello!

Where did I go?

To those of you who were starting to be regular readers, I’m sorry for abandoning this. I had an opportunity to work with my brother on some very fun projects. This took up most of my energy, and I neglected my interests in biology for a while.

What to expect

Probably more of the same. One of the biggest shortcomings right now is that I don’t have a lab that I can use to corroborate these blog posts with. But I’m going to continue diving into biology, and how to use it to engineer things.

One of the biggest challenges that I’ve found is that it is really difficult to understand which things are useful, and which are descriptive. I’d like to help people understand not just how biology works, but how we can harness it to do cool things.